Robert Holzler

Director of Web Development

Has been building websites since the early ‘90s – back when Al Gore invented the internet • Spends spare time cranking out full Ecommerce-enabled websites with the web server he threw together using parts from his computer graveyard • Our resident zombie enthusiast who plays sci-fi, fantasy and zombie-themed games with his kids • Binge-watcher of TED talks and physics lectures • If you ever want an interesting conversation, buy him a beer and ask him...well, anything


Want to get to know Robert a little more?
See if you can pick the 2 truths below!

robert 1

Is an expert marksman with bayonets, grenades, small-bore rifles and pistols

robert 2

Once got mugged in a hotel lobby in Madrid, Spain

robert 3

Is an avowed "doomsday prepper" with a stockpile of goods to survive for several years

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