Ty DeMeza Ty DeMeza
PR & Social Media Strategist

About Ty

Vintage: Barenaked Ladies music… If I Had a Million Dollars…

Best part of working at Grapevine: The ability to grow beyond any self-made limitations that I’ve made.

Work philosophy: Go into work with the hunger to succeed, but have the ability to balance that hunger with the pure joy of loving what you do.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite brainstorming technique: Taking a step away from the project, and bouncing ideas off people who can give an outside perspective that sometimes is greatly needed.

Favorite hobby: DIY House Projects – while thinking I am Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper (They never go as planned)

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Wanted to be a fighter pilot (Top Gun – need I say more?)

Ty’s Bio...

Proud graduate of Jesuit High School in Tampa, FL.

Earned a B.A. in Recreation and Leisure Services Administration with an emphasis in Special Events Management from Florida State University.

Was highly involved in multiple aspects of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity for 4 years.

Began a Promotions Internship with Clear Channel Media + Entertainment in Tampa, FL in 2009 and transformed that opportunity into a part-time and eventually a full-time Promotions Coordinator position.

In 2013, continued radio career with iHeartMEDIA-Sarasota, where he was the Promotions Coordinator for just over 4 years.

Ty DeMeza

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