Kristie O'kan
Kristie O’Kon
Senior Client Relations Manager

About Kristie

Vintage: Born in Michigan, raised Florida. Isn’t that the case for all Floridians?

Best Part of Working at Grapevine:  I do love being surrounded with the fun people and being in the middle of all the high energy that runs rampant in our office. Just watch out for those cliffs ☺

Work Philosophy: I’m kind of a big deal…you have to keep a sense of humor, or all that stress and chaos will follow you right out to your car and hitch a ride home. I know my husband doesn’t appreciate that unexpected guest!

Favorite Color: Teals, blues and greens ~ Just like the ocean.

Favorite Brainstorm Technique: Favorite: In the car, when I am by myself, no radio, just silence. Best: Right when I lie down to go to sleep.

Favorite Hobby: Of course, spending time with family and friends; but, I am also a very competitive person, so I love to win at in everything from card games to crafting. This also means that I really get into my Fantasy Football!

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Thin! Actually, I wanted to be an attorney, but as I got older I realized that I have way too much personality for a profession that stuffy. I still don’t think that I am completely grown up, so I defer.

Kristie’s Bio:

Graduated with honors from Keiser University with an associate’s degree in paralegal studies.

Former president of the student government.

Member of the National Honor Society.

Worked as a paralegal with top attorneys in Sarasota, Florida, for 11 years.

Joined Grapevine Communications in 2014 as a Client Relations Manager.

Kristie O’Kon

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