grapevine blog traffic jam lg

As a resident of North Port and an employee at Grapevine, I have been commuting for the past 5+ years. This, of course, makes me an expert on interstate driving and behaviors.  

Here are some observations: 

  1. Every driver consciously or subconsciously feels they are the fastest person on the road. 
  2. Not a single one of the above drivers likes to be passed, no matter which lane they are in. For this reason, they will speed up to avoid being passed, only to then again slow down. Refer back to number 1. 
  3. Hazard flashers will be on and cars will slow to a maximum of 45 mph in the rain. 
  4. On ramps are used to timidly join the rest of the vehicles on the interstate without yielding to the traffic whipping past.