So, you are wondering if your business really needs a website. You may have an established business that has gotten along very well without one for years, or you may be in the start-up phase of a new venture.  In either case, the future of your business may depend on being able to reach and service customers online. From brand protection to customer service, your website can help you get ahead of the competition and stay there. 

Here are 10 reasons why your business needs a website:

  1. A website is a business card, brochure and catalog that can be updated in minutes instead of days or weeks.
  2. A website is a public relations tool allowing you to engage and communicate with the press, investors and consumers.
  3. Your website is available 24/7. While you and your staff are sleeping, your website can help customers find information, take product orders, provide technical support and more.
  4. A website can support your marketing by bridging the gap between advertising and sales.
  5. Protecting your brand identity is important. You should register your brand name(s) as domain names, if for no other reason than to keep your competitors or a domain squatter from buying them.
  6. Customers pre-qualify themselves. When consumers search for products and services online, they are actively telling you what they want. Your website can key you into who is visiting and what they are shopping for.
  7. It's a big world and you do business globally. If your business could service or sell to customers around the world, would you want to? Your website can do that for you. Expand your reach and your market share.
  8. When developed properly, your website can actually save you time and money. For instance, it can act as a document repository for vendors and customers to download electronic versions of forms, manuals and other materials you would normally have to mail.
  9. Ideation and collaboration between you, your vendors and customers can help you refine and develop your business and products. Your website can facilitate that collaboration by collecting comments and providing a platform for discussions.
  10. Your competition has a website. If it is better than yours, consumers will assume that their products and services are better too.